Leader questions Police Control Room decisions

Leader of the Highland Council, Margaret Davidson has responded to a presentation at City of Inverness Area Committee by Police Scotland on their plans for the Inverness Control Room and establishing two National Database Enquiry Units (NDEUs).

She said:  “Presentations to local committees on revised plans to establish two National Database Enquiry Units cannot be seen as consultation.  It is now very well known that The Highland Council was promised a National Database Enquiry Unit in Inverness to serve the whole of Scotland over two years ago as part of the decision to close the Inverness Control Centre. 

“These new proposals for an alternative model which divides the service between two centres in Govan and Inverness have been developed in secret, without proper consultation and public engagement. The business case for this has still not been given to me despite an FOI to request a copy.

“When promises are broken and commitments not met, public confidence ebbs away and it is difficult to trust anything that we are now told. That confidence needs to be rebuilt and it will not be an easy task.”

“The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) is to be asked to approve Police Scotland’s preferred model on 28 September. However, I am determined that The Highland Council’s concerns regarding this decision be recognised by the Scottish Police Authority and the First Minister.”

She continued: “I recognise the work that has been done on the transfer of Police Control Rooms, but this Council remains of the opinion that a Police Control Room should be retained in the Highlands and if necessary serve a wider area across the North of Scotland. We have experienced and qualified staff and an excellent facility here in Inverness that has served the north extremely well over many years.”




14 Sep 2017