New enforcement role for Lochaber Community Wardens

The Highland Council’s Community Wardens in Lochaber are now able to offer communities more support as they take on a new enforcement role to tackle dog fouling, littering and fly tipping. 

Wardens Matthew Prosser and Willie Duncan already work closely with individuals, community representatives and agencies in order to address antisocial behaviour, improve the environment and provide information and advice. Now, following the completion of special training, their role is to be enhanced to include the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices.

The fine for anyone caught dropping litter is £80. This rises up to between £200 and £2,000 for cases of fly-tipping or the offender can receive 6 months in prison - up to 5 years if hazardous waste is dumped. It is also an offence not to clean up immediately after your dog in any open space where the public has access to. Not clearing up can lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80 which increases if it is not paid.

Chair of The Highland Council’s Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Allan Henderson welcomed this new role.  He said: “Littering and irresponsible dog owners not clearing up after their pets are issues all councillors receive lots of complains about so now our Community Wardens are able to issue enforcement notices I hope this acts as a real deterrent. 

“Staff across the Highlands do a lot of work in educating people and working with schools, but we all have a part to play in keeping our public areas litter free. Now is a good time to remind everyone that not only is littering and dog fouling both illegal, it also costs the council a significant amount of money to clean up, money from the council tax that could be spent in local communities.”

Chair of the Lochaber Committee, Cllr Andrew Baxter  added: “Community Wardens are important to the Council as they work in helping to prevent nuisance and reporting environmental issues and antisocial behaviour where they arise.  The team in Lochaber have had a very positive role in terms of the safety and security of our communities, especially in reassuring and supporting vulnerable people. Now having the ability to issue Fixed Penalty Notices enhances their important role and I encourage people to assist by reporting any incidents of littering, dog fouling or fly tipping.”

Members of the public who wish to report instances of dogs being allowed to foul in public places, littering or fly-tipping can contact The Council on 01349 886603 or use the on-line reporting system on the Council’s website -


18 Sep 2017
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