Highland Councillors visit Police Control Room Dundee

Chair of Resources Councillor Alister Mackinnon and Scrutiny Lead for Police and Fire Services, Councillor Matthew Reiss visited the Dundee Police Control Room on Monday 18 September, following an invitation from Police Scotland.


Cllr Reiss said: “We welcomed the opportunity to see for ourselves how the new contact, command and control approach is intended to work. We can see there has been significant investment made in both time and resources in the new systems in Dundee. We appreciate the time and effort of the staff involved in our visit.


“However, we remain unconvinced that this is the best model of providing such a vital service for the Highlands. We still have concerns about the loss of local knowledge and the loss of investment in the Highlands and Islands which represents more than a third of the land mass of Scotland. We believe that a relatively small investment in the Inverness Control Room would give even greater flexibility and resilience to Police Scotland.”



19 Sep 2017
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