Canal Parks Clubhouse delay disappointment

Head of Infrastructure Colin Howell said: "The rugby club were due to hold their first senior home fixture this Saturday on the new Canal Parks pitches and we had hoped to make the clubhouse available to them.

“Notwithstanding the efforts of the team, all the commissioning and certification has not been fully signed off for the Club House facilities to be available this weekend. Building warrant occupation cannot be finalised until this is completed and we are extremely sorry for this. As a contingency, the nearby Northern Meeting Park facilities were offered to the rugby club to enable them to play on the new pitches, however they have decided to remain at the High School for this fixture until the Canal Parks facilities are fully open.

“It is really disappointing for everyone that despite the superb pitches being ready and everything possible having been done to open the clubhouse, the first fixture will not be played at Canal Parks. However, the full facilities will soon be open and available for everyone to enjoy.”


29 Sep 2017