Cupa Iomain na h-Òige. National Shinty Competition for Gaelic Medium Pupils 

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Iomain Cholmcille – the Gaelic Shinty Project – has worked in partnership with The Highland Council’s Gaelic Team to organise a national shinty event for P4 – P7 Gaelic Medium pupils from schools across Scotland.

Cupa Iomain na h-Òige – Youth Shinty Cup - is in its second year and although based in the Highlands, the competition, which is held entirely through the medium of Gaelic, is open to schools from across Scotland.

The final took place earlier today (Friday 6 October) at An Aird, Fort William, which is appropriate as Bun Sgoil Loch Abar won Duais na Gàidhlig last year and the Royal National Mòd starts in Fort William next Friday.  

Iomain Cholmcille is a project dedicated to encouraging the use of Gaelic in the shinty world and regularly organises international exchanges with Irish-speaking hurling teams for both men and women.

Cupa Iomain na h-Òige has received support from the Highland Council and Bòrd na Gàidhlig. Iomain Cholmcille presented the Cupa Iomain na h-Òige itself to the winners of the competition, and the The Highland Council provided support for a trophy, Duais Gàidhlig Iomain na h-Òige - Youth Shinty Gaelic Award – which goes to the team most committed to using the language at the event, as well as special medals which were presented to each participant who took part in the event.

Twelve teams from urban and rural schools took part ranging from Edinburgh in the east to Mallaig on the west coast with teams also travelling from Glasgow, Inverness, Dingwall, and Lochaber.  After a competitive day’s play Glasgow Gaelic Primary School were victorious in the shinty competition with Portree Primary being presented with the Duais Gàidhlig for commitment to the language.

Mr Eoghan Stewart, Co-ordinator of Iomain Cholmcille in Scotland said: “Once again Iomain Cholmcille are delighted to be working in partnership with The Highland Council in organising, Cupa Iomain na h-Òige. The Competition is growing in stature and it gives me great pleasure to see teams from across the country participating and its fantastic that schools are supporting Gaelic in conjunction with traditional sport such as shinty.”

Local Councillor Allan Henderson, a nember of Highland Council’s Gaelic Strategy and Implementation Group who presented the ‘Duais Gàidhlig Iomain na h-Òige to Portree Primary and the Shinty Cup to Glasgow Gaelic Primary School  said: “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to present the Duaisean, it was an excellent event.  Cupa Iomain na h-Òige is only in its second year, and the number of teams participating this year has increased. I believe extra-curricular activities especially relating to sport provides an ideal chance for the young people to use their Gaelic skills with their peers from other schools. The language is being used out-with the classroom and the young people are combining their linguistic, sporting and social skills which will benefit them to reach their full potential. I also wish to take this to thank the Highland Council Gaelic Team, Lochaber Shinty Club for their support, and also Bòrd na Gàidhlig for their financial support.”


5 Oct 2017
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