Council gets tough on unlicensed HMO

Last week, The Highland Council issued rent suspension orders (RSO) in relation to a number of properties being operated as unlicensed houses in multiple occupation (HMO). 


The orders, which have been served on the owners and tenants, mean that the tenants are no longer under any obligation to pay rent to their landlord.  Their tenancy rights remain otherwise unaffected. 


The orders will remain in effect until  the landlords either obtain HMO licences for the properties or successfully challenge the Council’s decision through the sheriff court.


The Council is looking closely at other reportedly unlicensed HMO in Highland, with a view to issuing further RSO.


The owners of these properties will also be reported to the Procurator Fiscal for the offence of operating an HMO without a licence.


16 Oct 2017
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