Tenants to be more involved in decisions about housing

The Highland Council’s People Committee has agreed that two tenant representatives should be invited to attend the People Committee and the People Committee Policy Development Group as advisors in relation to housing items.

At Highland Council we believe that social landlords need to involve tenants and other customers in the design and delivery of housing services.

The Council appointed to a new post of Principal Tenant and Customer Engagement Officer in July 2017 to help the Council further enhance and deliver its Tenant and Customer Engagement strategic framework. The role is to promote innovative tenant and customer engagement opportunities throughout the Highlands and to provide knowledge, information and training to staff and tenants to influence positive change. The Officer has been working closely with Housing Service staff in order to embed a culture of tenant and customer engagement in housing and community service provision.

Tenant representatives from the strategic tenant groups have unanimously agreed that tenant representation is a welcome step forward in engaging with tenants and puttingthem closer to decision-making processes in the Council.

Chair of the People Committee, Councillor Alasdair Christie said:

“Discussion with tenants has highlighted enthusiasm for tenants to be more involved with the decision-making processes of the Council. It is really important that we provide genuine opportunities to involve and listen to tenants. Having tenant representation close to decision making processes should help bring a wider perspective to the discussion to deliver good quality housing services.”

He added: “I want to be clear that we will be as inclusive as possible about the mechanism for selecting representatives. The two tenant representatives are to be nominated by tenants themselves.”



19 Oct 2017