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River ness
River Ness

Sans façon and OSA, artists engaged to develop the new Gathering Place artwork for the River Ness met with around 300 members of the public over the weekend in Inverness Railway Station.

The artists exhibited a short film of the River Ness showing footage, journeying along the River Ness, from the source to the mouth of the river and chatted with people to explore their thoughts and feelings about the River Ness.

Sans façon Artist Tristan Surtees said: “It was great to see so many people over the weekend and there was a very positive reaction by everyone to the film. Everyone spoke very enthusiastically about the River Ness and we are delighted with the responses we have had so far. We have also created a website www.myriverness.com and you can watch the video online, read people’s stories and submit your own.”

Tristan Surtees of Sans fa├žon and OSA meeting members of the public in Inverness

Chair of the Inverness City Arts working group, Councillor Isabelle MacKenzie said: “I am delighted so many people went along to meet the artists and share their thoughts. I would encourage people to take a look at the web site also. The feedback will allow the Project Team to develop new and exciting proposals.”

You can also see more about all the projects at: https://www.highland.gov.uk/rivernessart

Photo: Sans façon Artist Tristan Surtees meeting the public at Inverness Railway Station






24 Oct 2017
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