Joint measures agreed to tackle speeding in Milton of Leys

The Highland Council has undertaken surveys on the Milton of Leys distributor road, which reveals that a high number of drivers are speeding, some at significantly above the speed limit of 30mph.

The review which has included input from Police Scotland, was carried out in anticipation of a potential increase in traffic that may occur with the forthcoming opening of the West Link, and following reports of community concerns in respect of vehicle speeds , HGV use and accidents in Milton of Leys.

Traffic counters were deployed in August and September. The data obtained included traffic numbers, HGV use and vehicle speeds.  The data identifies that some 15% is through traffic, but very little use is made of the route by HGV traffic.  

Accident figures were also established, with 5 damage only and one slight injury accident being recorded in the past 3 years.

Vehicle speeds however show around two thirds of vehicles exceeding the speed limit, and almost a quarter exceeding 35mph with some much higher vehicle speeds recorded.

The Council has been working with partners in Police Scotland to identify measures to address the speeding and improve safety in the area.

A programme of signage and road markings will be also undertaken in the coming weeks, to help reinforce the 30mph speed limit and also highlight the island features to motorists, where pedestrians cross.

It has been agreed that the police will continue to carry out random speed checks in the area, over the coming weeks, and following the West Link opening, to encourage compliance with the 30mph speed limit.

A mobile speed camera will be deployed for the two weeks following the opening of the West Link.

Following the opening of the West Link, further traffic data will be captured that will allow the impact of these measures to be established and also to establish the impact of the West Link on reducing city centre congestion.

When this data is available, a further review will be undertaken to establish if any further measures are appropriate.

We would remind motorists that road through Milton of Leys is subject to a 30mph limit and that this should be respected by all drivers for the safety of all.

Chair of the Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Allan Henderson said: “I am surprised and dismayed to see evidence of such a high number of drivers driving at speed through a residential area and causing a hazard to pedestrians and other drivers. This is not acceptable and I hope that our traffic calming measures and proposed actions with Police Scotland result in a reduction in speed and a safer area.”





25 Oct 2017
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