Landslip affecting Knoydart road


Late last night the Highland Council's Roads Inspector received a phone call advising him that that a 15 metre section of the road at Soldiers Rock on the Knoydart peninsula had collapsed.  

This 4.8 mile single track road between Scottas and Airor is a lifeline road for the communities beyond the slip which include Airor, Doune and Sandaig. 

Our Roads Inspector has been on site this morning and carried out an initial inspection.  A full engineering assessment is planned tomorrow.  Preliminary plans have already been made for the transfer of staff and materials to the area and contact has been made with a local landing craft operator. 

Due to the geographical and physical constraints it is anticipated that the repair will take several weeks depending on the availability of specialist equipment and materials. 

In the meantime the local community have set up a “road shuttle” arrangement with a vehicle on either side of the landslip. 


Extent of the damage

location map

25 Oct 2017
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