Mosaics and the Market showcased in latest exhibition


photoToday sees the launch of the Victorian Market Re-photography Exhibition, curated by 2nd Inverness Girls Brigade. The exhibition runs from the 8th Nov to the 12th January at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

 The re-photography workshops held in the Victorian Market in June involved local photographers interpreting historic pictures of the Victorian Market and Academy Street, and then going out to retake the same shot, to capture how it looks today. 

The re-photography sessions generated a huge number of brilliant images, which the 2nd Inverness Girls Brigade, based at the East Church on Academy Street, took on the challenge of curating.

As part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award the girls were keen to explore the heritage of Academy Street, and in particular the mosaics which feature in the church and on the AI Welders building at 96 Academy Street.

Guided by AOC Archaeology and Highlife Highland, the Girls Brigade explored Academy Street, learned about curation. They worked with artist Sally Purdy to create individual mosaics for Academy Street, which also feature in the new exhibition.

Speaking at the event, Susan MacKenzie of the Second Inverness Girls Brigade said: “We enjoyed the variety of topics covered during these events – local history, archaeology, photography, event planning and mosaic work – there was something for everyone. The highlights for me were seeing the old Academy Street photos, as my memories go back to the early 60’s, and having my attention drawn to the craftsmanship from days gone by which is on display down the length of the street if you only look!”

The Inverness Townscape Heritage Project has commissioned the creation of a heritage trail of Academy Street and this is being delivered in partnership by Highlife Highland and AOC Archaeology.  The photographs and mosaics on display will form the content of the Heritage Trail for Academy Street.

In his capacity as Chair of the Townscape Heritage Partnership Board, Councillor Richard Laird, said: “The Victorian Market and indeed the mosaics on Academy Street are very much an illustration of how history is very visible and plays an important part of modern city centre life.  It is fantastic that groups of young people are inspired by the history of Academy Street.  The work of the 2nd Inverness Girls Bridge will now form the content of our heritage trail, which will help tell the story of the street for future generations.”phopto


8 Nov 2017
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