Online register introduced for animal establishment licensing

The Highland Council have reviewed and updated the administrative procedures around miscellaneous and animal establishment licensing making it easier for people to access information and provide feedback. 

An online register of all applications is now published on the Council’s website and the procedures are clear on how individuals or groups can raise concerns or object to applications for these types of licence.   

Miscellaneous and animal establishment licensing includes licences issued under following:

•           Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963

•           Breeding of Dogs Acts 1973

•           Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960

•           Cinemas Act 1985

•           Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976

•           Deer (Scotland) Act 1996

•           Performing Animals (Regulations) Act 1925

•           Pet Animals Act 1951

•           Riding Establishments Acts 1964 and 1970

•           Theatres Act 1968

•           Zoo Licensing Act 1981

•           Licensing of Animal Dealers (Young Cats and Dogs) (Scotland) Regulations 2009

 The on-line register can be accessed via this link –


8 Nov 2017
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