Council responds to consultation on bus fare concessions

The Highland Council has sent its response to the Scottish Government’s Concessionary Bus Fare consultation.

Members of the Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee agreed the response to this consultation at their meeting held on Wednesday ( 8 November)

Included in the questions was one about the Scottish Government’s proposal to raise the entitlement age which is currently 60 years of age. In its response the Council suggests that a gradual increase in eligible age is a reasonable compromise between the status quo and a sudden increase. It gives fair notice to people approaching age 60, and should avoid destabilising bus services.

The Council supported the Government’s proposals to extend the scheme to Modern Apprentices and companions of disabled children aged under 5, and argued that some of the savings from increasing the entitlement age should be directed to supporting transport for people who are unable to access bus services, either because of disability or living in an isolated area.

The Government is expected to decide on any changes to the concessionary scheme once they have analysed the consultation responses.

The Committee also considered another Scottish Government consultation covering bus services run by transport authorities, local franchising, Local Authority / Bus Operator Partnerships and Smart Ticketing. The Council’s response will be submitted later this month.

Details of the full response send by the Council is available by clicking on this link  and going to item 26.




13 Nov 2017
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