Closing date set for sale of Inverness Emergency Bunker

Inverness Emergency Bunker for sale
Inverness Emergency Bunker for sale

Prospective buyers have until 2pm on Wednesday 6 December 2017 to make their offers for a unique subterranean property in the Raigmore area of the city of Inverness.

Owners, Highland Council have set a closing date for the sale of the Inverness Emergency Bunker – details of which can be found on the Council’s website at:

The Highland Council expects a 6 figure sum for this unique property and as is usual in the property market they are inviting offers.

The property includes a tarmacadam surfaced car park and 2 subterranean levels which were built in 1941 to house the RAF during the Second World War. The bunker was built to survive a direct hit from the most powerful bombs of the time. The structure is built with thick concrete walls and ceilings. 

During the 1980’s the facility was enhanced to enable it to withstand nuclear, biological or chemical attacks. As a result the premises now benefit from blast and sealed doors, decontamination facilities, two diesel generators to power the building and an air filtration system to provide safe air in the event of nuclear, biological or chemical attack. 

The property site is set in a forested area of mature broadleaved trees. 

Potential buyers seeking further information should contact Chris Holmes on 01463 702083 or e-mail

20 Nov 2017
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