Public to be invited to ‘find their way’ through signage strategy in New Year

The public will be consulted on ‘wayfinding’ signage in Inverness in early 2018.

Members of The Highland Council’s City of Inverness and Area Committee have approved a Draft Inverness City Centre Wayfinding Strategy which will now go out for public consultation in the New Year.

Provost and Leader of Inverness and Area Cllr Helen Carmichael welcomed the strategy, she said: “I am pleased to see progress being made on the creation of a City Centre Wayfinding Strategy for Inverness and would urge members of the public to have their say on the contents of the strategy in the New Year when it goes out for consultation.

“Having a strongly branded identity to our city centre wayfinding signage in a new and improved style will greatly enhance the local and visitor experience for all who come to Inverness.”

Malcolm MacLeod, Highland Council’s Head of Planning and Environment explained to Inverness Councillors: “Wayfinding is the term used for signs, maps and other devices that provide information about location and directions to visitors and residents. It shows where you are, your choice of destinations and how to get there from your present location.

“Results of the public consultation will inform the style and content of maps, and the location and design of proposed signage that will improve access around the city centre, in particular the range of destinations for pedestrians.”

He added: “Currently, existing signage is often difficult to read due to inappropriate text sizes, unsuitable typographic formats; of different sign types and sizes and with little Inverness city branding which all contributes to a feeling of visual clutter.

“The purpose of the consultation is to inform the final strategy so that the Council is ready for any funding bids that may arise in the future to help improve city centre wayfinding.”

The results of the wayfinding consultation will be reported back to a future meeting of the City of Inverness Area Committee for Members’ consideration.

30 Nov 2017