It all adds up for Ardnamurchan pupils


Ardnamurchan High school have become the first Highland School in memory to win The Scottish Mathematical Council - Enterprising Mathematics in Scotland Final

Last Tuesday a team of four pupils – Bethan White, Dugald MacIntyre, Alistair Tait and Ben Gregg -  were in Glasgow competing against 70 top schools in Scotland.

Competitors spent an intensive day solving puzzles and mathematical conundrums, and the team from Ardnamurchan were crowned triumphant winners at the end of the day.

Speaking on behalf of the whole school, Head Teacher Christopher Millar-Craig said: “This is a huge achievement for such a small school and congratulations go to Bethan, Dugald, Alistair and Ben who were able to perform so well under pressure. Their hard work preparing for the competition paid off and in bringing the top trophy home, they made history in became the first Highland school to do so! We are all really proud of them.”



4 Dec 2017
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