Lessees listened to in garage rents consultation

Highland Council has listened to its customers and agreed a below-inflation rise in garage and garage sites rents.
The results of a Highland Council consultation on housing, garage and garage sites rents has directed the decision making of Highland Councillors today (Thursday 25 January) at the Council’s People Committee.
Members have agreed to a below inflation increase of 3% for garage and garage sites rents. This would result in an average rent increase of 28p to £9.63 per week for a garage and 5p to £1.62 per week for a garage site.
A consultation on proposed rent increases was carried out late 2017 and into early 2018 among tenants and owners renting garages or garage sites from the Council. The consultation proposed increases in garages/sites to a more commercial level to allow increased investment in repairs. The majority (91.8%) respondents did not want to see rent increases at the level of commercial rents proposed.
Cllr Andrew Baxter, Chair of the Council’s People Committee said:

"We want to move away from a one-size-fits all approach to setting garage rent levels as the condition of garage sites varies across Highland and there is differing demand between different areas. I am pleased the People Committee endorsed my suggestion that local councillors are better placed to develop priorities within their own area. 

Councillors have agreed we should look at devolving this responsibility to local committees as part of the Council's continued localism agenda."

25 Jan 2018
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