Highland Council approves ‘modest’ increase in housing rents

Highland housing tenants are to receive a small 0.5% increase in council house rents for the coming financial year 2018/19 which equates to an average weekly rise of 36p.
Members of Highland Council’s People Committee have approved the 0.5% rent increase which would result in an increase in the average weekly council house rent from £72.88 to £73.24 (£0.36p). The 0.5% increase will also apply to Gypsy / Traveller site pitches.
Cllr Andrew Baxter, Chair of the Council’s People Committee said: 
“The Council has a legal requirement to balance its Housing Revenue Account income and expenditure at the end of each financial year. In order to achieve this, Members have accepted the proposal for a modest increase to housing rent and service charges for the coming year 2018/19.”
He added: “The Council continues to identify annual efficiency savings aimed at reducing management and maintenance costs without compromising best value for tenants. This very small rise in rents will help to ensure a continued housing service to tenants while meeting the Council’s legal requirements.”

25 Jan 2018
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