Fàs Foghlaim forges on!

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Fàs Foghlaim logo

Leugh sa Ghàidhlig

The Highland Council has launched Fàs Foghlaim (Educational Growth) which is an innovative, short social media Gaelic education promotional tool.

Fàs Foghlaim has been created to inform parents of the benefits of bilingualism and it aims to inform parents and guardians who require further information on bilingualism especially in relation to the learning journey from birth to 5 years.

Fàs Foghlaim aims to be informative and assist in addressing any uncertainties which parents may have in relation to bilingual education.

The promotional tool includes interviews from pupils, academics, parents, education professionals, and officers. Fàs Foghlaim can be found on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter and it has been devised to coincide with school enrolments.

Mrs Angela Mack a parent of children currently in Gaelic Medium education said, “I totally believe in bilingual education and having my children educated through Gaelic is definitely benefiting their learning experience in many ways these include enhancing their communication skills, their confidence, cultural awareness, and it, at a young age new opportunities within the educational spectrum which they really embrace and enjoy.”

She continued, “I wish to take this opportunity to highlight, if parents have concerns regarding placing their children in Gaelic Medium education, for example, not being able to speak Gaelic and the possibility of not being able to provide assistance with homework, this should not deter parents as the support structure is available to assist and the education which the children receive will enhance and broaden their vision for the future.”

Councillor Alister Mackinnon Chairperson Gaelic Strategy Implementation Group said, “We know there are parents who are interested in bilingualism but they may not have explored the options available to them. It is proven that Gaelic Medium education is successful. The Fàs Foghlaim social media promotion tool gives a brief outline of Gaelic Medium education. He continued, “I hope that it will assist parents, and reassure them that bilingualism is a positive progression for their children. Finally, I also wish to thank the Scottish Government for their support in relation to this initiative.” 

For further information please contact:  gaelic@highland.gov.uk

31 Jan 2018
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