Scrutiny Lead responds to Inverness Control Room closure date announcement

In response to Police Scotland’s statement on the closure of the Inverness Area Control Room and Service Centre, Highland Council Scrutiny Lead Matthew Reiss said:

“We appreciate the statement from Police Scotland regarding the intended closure of the Inverness Control Room next week.  It is important that everyone is aware of the change in local arrangements.

"In our scrutiny role, the Council will be watching with interest and monitoring the effectiveness of the new arrangements.   The Council remains disappointed at the decision to close the control room in Inverness, as our preferred model is, and always has been, a joint 999 control room based in Inverness. 

"However we accept the decision has been made and we very much hope that the new arrangements will be effective and succeed given how important this service is.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the committed and professional staff in the Inverness Control Room, who have provided an excellent local service for the Highlands and Islands over many years.”


1 Feb 2018
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