Election for Caithness Community Council

An election will take place for Dunnet and Canisbay Community Council on Wednesday 21 February.

The maximum permitted membership for the Community Council is 7 and as 8 nominations have been received, the 1349 electors in the community council area are being invited to cast their vote via a postal ballot.

The 8 candidates are:

BUTLER, Barry Kevin
CALDER, Frances May
FARMER, Beatrice Valentine
GUNN, Henry
MEIKLE, Thomas
SHEARER, Ann Elizabeth Murray
WHITTAKER, Carole Leontine,

The ballot papers, which include a short statement from all candidates, will be issued by post to all registered electors and should be returned in the pre-paid envelope provided by 12 noon on Thursday 8 March 2018.

Further information on community council elections can be found on Highland Council’s website at www.highland.gov.uk/elections


13 Feb 2018
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