The Leader of the Council calls for consensus in setting a fair budget

The Leader of the Highland Council, Margaret Davidson has appealed for consensus across the chamber to agree a fair budget.

She said: “The budget we are proposing protects frontline services, jobs and communities. We have thankfully not had to cut as deeply as we had originally feared. We have managed to protect education again this year, as well as road maintenance, winter maintenance and adult services.

“Reflecting on our budget process, we intend to develop a more inclusive process moving forward. This is a one year budget. That is not what we wanted, however, given the current single year planning adopted by the Scottish Government, we have no alternative but to plan for one year only. We know that we will face increasing pressures in the coming years and continuing uncertainty over grant funding. It is therefore imperative for us to work together across the chamber to plan for what we know and reach consensus on matters of real importance for Highland communities.”


15 Feb 2018
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