Inverness Trade Waste Policy Implementation date

Businesses are being reminded that the new trade waste arrangements for Inverness City Centre come into force on Monday 5 March.

Following the approval by the Inverness City Area Committee on the 30th November, 2017, the Council is implementing a new trade waste policy to tackle issues around commercial waste in the city centre.

From Monday onwards no trade waste containers will be permitted to be stored on public pavements or streets outwith designated uplift windows. If the waste is not collected within this agreed period the business must return it to their premises. All bins must also display the business name and collection time and waste may only be placed out for collection when the business is staffed, and never overnight.

A dedicated website has already been set up to provide further information regarding the project and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Highland Council, in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, held free workshops at the start of February in Inverness to help businesses prepare to meet the requirements of the city’s new trade waste policy.

From Monday council staff will be commencing a 4 week period of proportionate enforcement where non-compliant bins will be stickered.  The Council therefore is urging businesses struggling to comply with the new trade waste requirements to contact their approved waste contractors.

The impact and benefits of the project will be evaluated after 12 months with an update to City of Inverness Area Committee on the findings.




1 Mar 2018
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