Highland Council calls on retail property owners to inspect glazed canopies

Following incidents in Inverness retails parks where glazed walkway panels have failed, Highland Council is recommending as a precaution that all building owners with glazed canopy type arrangements check that they have adequate inspection and maintenance arrangements in place. 

Such maintenance checks should ensure that the glazing, including the method of fixing and support, has been properly maintained in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. 

Building owners are reminded that the primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of members of the public in and around their buildings lies with them.

The Council advises that the responsibility of public safety lies with all building owners to inspect their premises whether they are commercial, retail, business, public or privately owned.

The Council isn't aware of this as being a national issue but we have contacted our counterparts in Local Authorities throughout Scotland asking if they had similar issues in their areas and await their responses. 

5 Mar 2018
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