Progress made on Tain 3 -18 Campus site selection

The Tain Campus Stakeholder Group met on Thursday 22nd March, and considered an update by Highland Council Officers on work undertaken to appraise site options for a new 3-18 Campus. 

The options considered - based on a ‘long-list’ previously endorsed by the Group - consisted of sites at Tain Craighill, Tain Kirksheaf, Tain Burgage and Tain Royal Academy.

The Group, having considered a presentation by Council Officers, gave a very clear preference that the Council progress further review and consultation on two site options; Tain Craighill and Tain Royal Academy.  The other 2 site options were deemed by the Group to be less viable and less suitable for the Campus location.

The Group also re-affirmed their commitment to the 3-18 Campus model, and the role of the Stakeholder Group as being the forum through which the community could make their views known to the Council.

Councillor Fiona Robertson, local Councillor and Chair of the Stakeholder Group said: “I am delighted that the Stakeholder group has given such a clear and positive endorsement of both the principle of a 3-18 Campus, and the 2 sites which it feels are most suitable and will best meet the needs of the Community.  This now allows the Council to focus its efforts on further review of those sites, and to progress further consultation on those 2 options over the course of this year.  The sooner the Council can settle on its preferred location for the new Campus, the stronger a position it will be in to bid to Scottish Government for funding for the project.”

Wendy Hennem, Chair of the Tain Royal Academy Parent Council said: “The local Parent Councils of all schools are fully supportive of a new 3-18 Campus, and want to see that move forward as soon as possible.  The needs of pupils and parents must be central to decisions made by the Council, and therefore the Parent Councils want to work as active members of the Stakeholder Group, and to work with the Council and other community representatives, to move the Campus consultation forward.  I see the role of the Stakeholder Group as being a forum for open discussion of views across the community, and for the Group then to speak as a single positive voice to help move this project forward.  I am very pleased that the Group endorsed the role of Parent Councils to take the lead on engagement and consultation on behalf of the whole Group.”


Notes to editors:

The Council agreed in June 2017, to pause the existing Tain 3-18 Campus project and undertake a site selection review.  That site selection process has progressed since that time, and there will be a formal consultation process during the course of 2018 to allow the Council to make a final decision on preferred site for the new 3-18 Campus.

The Highland Council agreed a new 5 year capital programme on 7 March 2018.  Within that, a new Tain 3-18 Campus, along with other projects, was identified as an immediate priority for a bid to Scottish Government for school investment funding.  The Council expects that the funding position for the project can be clarified during 2018.

Membership of the Stakeholder Group is extended to Parent Councils and Head Teachers of Tain ASG schools, the Community Council, and other community representatives agreed by the Group. 

28 Mar 2018