Highland Licensing Board reminds businesses not to fall foul of the new national minimum unit price for alcohol

On Tuesday, 1st May, 2018, a national minimum unit price for alcohol of 50 pence per unit will become law in Scotland.

Considerable work in the run up to the introduction date has been undertaken by a dedicated licensing team within the Scottish Government who have liaised extensively with a range of stakeholders in producing extensive guidance. This guidance is now published and is available at http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2018/04/6136

The introduction of minimum unit pricing will see a new mandatory licence condition being added to every alcohol premises licence.  Highland Licensing Board will be issuing an additional licence insert page, detailing the new condition, to every premises licence holder within the Highland area.
 Businesses and others who sell alcohol will need to ensure that their pricing systems are accurate to prevent any sale of alcohol at below the minimum price.  This would include ensuring that prices are accurate on shelves, barcodes, menus and price lists, where appropriate.  Advice and guidance can be obtained from the Council’s Licensing Standards Officers. 

An evaluation exercise on the effectiveness of minimum unit pricing will be carried out by the Scottish Government in due course.

26 Apr 2018