Brexit – Our Commitment to the Highland Council Workforce

The Leader and Chief Executive of The Highland Council have written to employees with a reassurance of commitment to EU national members of the workforce.

Chief Executive Steve Barron said: “In the context of ongoing Brexit negotiations between the UK Government and the EU, we recognise that this could be an uncertain and unsettling time for many staff who could be affected by the outcome. 

“We are writing to reassure our EU national employees that they are equally valued and appreciated members of our 10,000 strong workforce.  As an employer, the Council is wholeheartedly committed to providing support to each and every member of staff who may be affected as the situation develops.

“At this time, there is no obligation for EU staff to take action and until the UK leaves the EU, European Economic Area nationals can still work freely in the UK. Home Office guidance, however, has been clear that all EU nationals living in the UK will have to obtain status in UK law; this is likely to involve a new process that will start in the second half of this year to enable application for settled status."   

He continued: “We believe it is very important that we do all we can to help our employees during this period of change and to help them feel supported to continue living and working in the Highlands. We will also continue to work with Trade Unions to ensure that collectively, we are providing all possible support.

“The Council is also working closely with our partners and both the Scottish and UK Governments to understand the specific implications arising from Brexit which may have an impact on the Highlands and will keep staff updated on developments.”

30 Apr 2018