Planning conditions for new homes at Viewhill approved

The planning application containing the house design, infrastructure and landscaping details related to a proposed development of 16 houses at Viewhill, Inverness has today been approved by Highland Councillors.

Planning permission for the 16 house development was refused by The Highland Council in 2013 but this decision was appealed by the applicant and permission was granted, subject to conditions and a s75 planning agreement, by a Scottish Government Reporter in 2014.

The current planning application was first considered by the South Planning Application Committee on 30 January 2018. It was deferred to allow the applicant to amend the house design to better reflect the Highland context and the Conservation Area. A number of amendments were made by the applicant and were presented to the South Planning Applications Committee on 13 March 2018. The motion to approve the application at that committee was agreed by majority vote, however a Notice of Amendment (Planning) was tabled.  Therefore the planning application required to be determined afresh by the Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee.

At today’s (Thursday 17 May) meeting of the EDI Committee members considered the Notice of Amendment and then went on to approve the application following a vote which went 12 votes to 8 in favour of approving the application.


17 May 2018
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