Shopfront Design Guidance approved 

Members of The Highland Council’s Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee have given their backing to new shop front guidance aimed at ensuring high quality designs for traditional, replacement and new shopfronts throughout the Highlands. 

The Guidance sets out general principles for repair, reinstatement and replacement of shopfronts, as well as general principles for new shopfronts in new development. It also considers signage and how good advertising can be accommodated in both traditional and modern shopfronts. A draft of the proposals went out to public consultation earlier this year and today members had a chance to review the draft which will now form part of the planning process.

The Guidance is expected to provide transparency and clarity in the planning process by assisting Councillors and officers to make consistent decisions in line with best practice.

Chair of the Committee, Cllr Allan Henderson said: “I would like to thank all the retailers, local businesses, community groups, shoppers and the public who took part in the consultation as their input has been very helpful.

“Shopfronts are highly visible features of our built environment and the image they project has a significant impact on the way people experience an area. Well designed and attractive shopfronts can increase economic activity however the opposite is also true as rundown, unattractive shopfronts can have a negative impact.”

He added: “Not only does this Guidance provide lots of helpful advice to promote good quality applications but it will hopefully encourage developers and applicants  to consider design at the earliest stage in their proposals.”


17 May 2018
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