Colin Baillie to receive Freedom of the City of Inverness

•	Colin Baillie leads The Boys Brigade at the 2017 Kirking of the Council in Inverness
• Colin Baillie leads The Boys Brigade at the 2017 Kirking of the Council in Inverness

The Highland Council is to confer the Freedom of the City of Inverness on Colin Baillie for the wide commitment he has displayed across his lifetime to the wellbeing of the people of the Highlands and, in particular, the City of Inverness.

At a meeting of The Highland Council on Thursday 10 May 2018, Members of The Highland Council agreed that Mr Baillie would be given the honour of the Freedom of the City of Inverness.

The proposal to confer the honour to Mr Baillie was received by Highland Council from a number of organisations including the City of Inverness Highland Games Committee, Highland Rugby Club, High Life Highland and Police Scotland. In letters to the Council the following supporters said:

  • Angus Dick, Chairman, City of Inverness Highland Games: “In 2015 the members of the Games Committee put Colin forward to be inducted into the City of Inverness Highland Games Hall of Fame…..because of the work and time that Colin had devoted to the Games.”
  • Andrew Little, Chairman, Highland Rugby Club: “Colin’s dedication, enthusiasm and commitment in everything he does rubs off on to others and it is for these qualities that he is highly regarded by many who know him.”
  • Ian Murray, Chief Executive, High Life Highland: “Mr Baillie is a positive volunteering and mentoring role-model as he is always willing to help out in any way he can, taking time to visit schools, work with teachers, parents and coaches to support them in athletics coaching for primary and nursery pupils and ultimately playing a major role in getting more children more active.” 
  • Mark Mackay, Superintendent, Police Scotland: “I am sure I can speak on behalf of all officers / staff who know him that he is well regarded and respected for the many years of excellent service he has given supporting local sport.”

Arrangements for conferring the Freedom of the City of Inverness upon Mr Baillie now rest with the Inverness City Area Manager and Provost and Leader of Inverness Cllr Helen Carmichael. 

Provost Carmichael said: “I am utterly delighted for Colin Baillie that his good works throughout his lifetime will be acknowledged as he has provided eminent service to the area through his works and deeds. I am very much looking forward to the Freedom ceremony that will be arranged in due course.”

She added: “Colin has made a highly significant impact on people’s lives through his dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and unique ability to encourage and stimulate, promote and develop individuals and groups through his passion and zest for life.”

Colin is best known for his contribution to sport and in particular to rugby as a retired PE Teacher at Millburn Academy, notable member of the Highland Rugby Club and highly regarded coach with the North and Midlands Rugby Team.

His enthusiasm and commitment extended to athletics and Colin was involved with Inverness Harriers; and with Inverness Highland Games over the past 40 years. He also supported High Life Highland staff to create and develop a number of major events and for the past 25 years, was an enthusiastic supporter of Highland Disability Sport acting as a volunteer representative on their Executive Committee.

Colin is still very active with the Boys Brigade (President of the Highland Battalion) and a member of Crown Church of Scotland.

24 May 2018
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