Changes to taxi provision in Inverness City Centre

The Highland Council has been working with taxi operators and Police Scotland to investigate alternative Taxi Rank provision due to the proposed re-designation of the existing Castle Wynd location.

The need to reallocate city centre ranks has come about with the investment that is being made to upgrade the streetscape in Castle Wynd, Inverness.

Following statutory consultation of proposed traffic order amendments, Council officials, along with Police Scotland met with objectors of several elements, including the relocation of Castle Wynd Taxi Rank, in March of this year for a constructive discussion.  However a number of objections to the proposals were unable to be resolved so these issues were discussed at the City of Inverness Area Committee today.

Seventeen objections were received within the advertised objection period, four of which were subsequently withdrawn after being resolved with officers. During the debate Members were advised that a petition against proposals to re-designate Castle Wynd has been handed in after the closing date for responses.

Following the debate Councillors have agreed to –

  • Re-designate Castle Wynd as a restricted zone, no waiting or loading at any time; 
  • Maintain a 24 hour rank westbound on Bridge Street and the extension of the rank into the loading bay after 6pm.

They also agreed to abandon proposals to amend Broadstone Park permit parking hours as well as the suggestion of providing an eastbound daytime taxi rank on Bridge Street.

They have requested officers come back to Committee with further information about a proposal to have a night time only taxi rank in Eastgate.

City Manager David Haas said: “We are committed to expanding long term sustainable Taxi rank provision as city redevelopment takes place and we will ensure that taxi provision is included in any future public transport considerations.”

1 Jun 2018
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