Changing Service Provision in Grantown Library and Service Point

From the 11th June 2018 Grantown Library and Service Point will be changing its service provision to the local community. Since its relocation to the Courthouse, Grantown Library has seen a significant increase in demand for its services.  Library and Service Point staff are co-located in the Courthouse.

 Through partnership working between Highland Council and High Life Highland, the Library opening hours will now be extended from 21 hours to 27 hours per week.  This has been achieved by the recruitment of a member of staff to an existing vacancy to deliver both the Service Point and Library function meaning the services continue to be delivered within affordability.  

The Service Point will continue to deliver core services 6 hours per week, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 1pm.  

 A spokesperson for The Highland Council and High Life Highland commented, “We are pleased to be able to increase the library service at Grantown Library and Service Point. Local residents will be able to enjoy an increased number of activities taking place within Grantown Library including Lego Club, YouTime and Bookbug as well as being able to borrow a much wider range of books.” 

Council Convenor and Area Chair Councillor Bill Lobban said “This is a great example of the local benefits arising from local partnership working. I and my fellow ward members are very pleased to see this progress and, especially at a time of significant financial challenge, delivered within affordability. In fact, there is a small saving arising from the reduction in travel from staff providing cover”.  

6 Jun 2018
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