Bank branch closures

The Highland Council has agreed to work to support communities affected by bank closures.

The motion by the Leader and Convener of The Highland Council states:

“In view of Royal Bank of Scotland’s continued determination to close Highland branches and cause problems particularly with tourism, small businesses and the many people in our communities that do not have or wish to access online services, we believe Highland Council now needs to take initiative where we can.

“We ask the Council to agree that the Depute Chief Executive/Director of Corporate Resources investigate how we can initiate and revive any agreements we have with other banks and also investigate how we can support the work of the Post Office and the banking services they provide.”

Leader of the Council Margaret Davidson said: “I was shocked to see the photographs the other day of the queues for the mobile bank in Wick. It shows how banks are vital to our communities. I am really disappointed in RBS’s decision which will leave the Highland communities at a disadvantage and will affect our region disproportionately. We have large distances to travel and a poorer broadband infrastructure for mobile banking. Many small businesses need access to banks for their cashflow and our older citizens may not be able or wish to use on-line services. The closure of bank branches will undoubtedly cause hardship.

“We will now look at what other options there may be to support communities and will investigate opportunities with other banks and the Post Office.”

28 Jun 2018