Inverness road closure – Milton Crescent

Milton crescent road
Extent of Milton Crescent road closure, Inverness

Motorists and local residents are being advised that there will be a temporary closure of Milton Crescent, Inverness from Monday 2 July to Friday 6 July 2018.

The closure is in the interest of public safety to allow contractors, working on behalf of Highland Council, to carry out resurfacing of Milton Crescent along its entire length from both junctions with Old Edinburgh Road.

Residential access and access for emergency services will be maintained at all times


The following traffic order will be in place.

The Highland Council

The Highland Council (temporary traffic prohibition during works on the U4561 Milton Crescent, (part), Inverness ) notice 2018

The Highland Council in exercise of the powers conferred on them by Section 14 (2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, and related legislation, as amended, hereby make this Notice.

Citation, commencement and cessation

1. This Notice may be cited as ‘The Highland Council (Temporary Traffic Prohibition During Works On The U4561 Milton Crescent, (Part), Inverness) Notice 2018’ and shall be in operation from Monday 02 July until Friday 06 July 2018.


2. The Interpretation Act 1978 shall apply for the interpretation of this Notice as it applies for the interpretation of an Act of Parliament.

Expressions and meanings

3. The following expressions will have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them:

  • ‘Vehicle’ means a motor cycle or motor vehicle constructed solely for the carriage of passengers and their effects:
  • ‘Emergency Vehicle’ means a motor vehicle constructed or adapted for use by the Police, Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade or Her Majesty’s Coastguard:
  • ‘Engineer’ means the person or persons responsible for managing the Works:
  • ‘Contractor’ means the person or persons employed to carry out the Works:
  • ‘Works’ means the works to be carried out by the Contractor.

Relationship to other Orders

4. All provisions contained in any Order Enactment or others in so far as the same repeat or are inconsistent with the provisions of this Notice and the true intent or meaning hereof shall cease to have effect, during the period stated hereto.


5. The reason for making this Notice is to enable a temporary traffic prohibition to be put in place; which is required in the interests of public safety to enable Contractors, working on behalf of Highland Council, to carry out resurfacing of Milton Crescent.

Alternative routes

6. Consideration has been given to the safety and convenience of alternative routes suitable for the traffic which will be affected by this Notice.

Temporary prohibition on use of a road

7. No person shall drive, or cause or permit any Vehicle to be driven on the length of road, or a part or parts of the length of road, specified in Schedule 1 to this Notice when a prohibition is identified as applying to the whole or a part or parts of the length of road by means of one or more of the traffic signs prescribed in Diagram 7105 of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016(b).

Highland Council, Community Services, 94 Diriebught Road, Inverness, IV2 3QN

Schedule 1

Temporary prohibition of traffic

U4561 Milton Crescent from its junction with the U4175 Old Edinburgh Road to its other junction with the U4175 Old Edinburgh Road.

29 Jun 2018