​​​​​​​Head Teacher appointments

The Highland Council is pleased to announce the recent appointment of 5 Head and 10 Acting Head Teachers across the region’s schools.

All the new teachers will be in their posts by the new term in August 2018.

The appointments are as follows.

Mid Area               

  • Alness Academy, Kerry Sinclair (Acting Head Teacher).
  • Cromarty Primary, Kerry Martin (Acting Head Teacher)

West Area   

  • Mallaig 3 – 18 cluster (Mallaig High School, Mallaig Primary School, Arisaig Primary School, Inverie Primary School and Lady Lovat Primary School) - Martin Sullivan (Head Teacher)
  • Eigg, Muck & Rum cluster, Andrew Murray (Acting Head Teacher)
  • Kinlochleven Primary, Peter Carrick (Acting Head Teacher)
  • Glencoe, Duror and St Brides cluster, Marylin MacDonald (Acting Head Teacher)      

North Area            

  • Brora and Helmsdale cluster, Dawn MacKenzie (Acting Head Teacher)
  • Crossroads Primary, Pauline Pearson (Acting Head Teacher)         
  • Pennyland Primary, Cath Seddon (Head Teacher)
  • Keiss and Bower cluster, Katy Reid (Head Teacher)   

South Area            

  • Muirtown Primary, Janice MacRae (Head Teacher)    
  • Hilton Primary, Lynda Banks (Head Teacher)
  • St Joseph’s Primary, Carolyn Brown (Acting Head Teacher)
  • Grantown Primary, Cath Rutledge (Acting Head Teacher)
  • Aviemore Primary, Emma MacCallum (Acting Head Teacher)

Where internal appointments have been made by the Council and Head Teacher posts have been vacated, the Council is putting temporary Acting Head Teachers in place until full replacement and recruitment of new Head Teachers is complete.


9 Jul 2018
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