​​​​​​​Advice on private water supplies

Highland Council is issuing a reminder to owners of private water supplies and landlords of tenants on private water supplies that it is their responsibility to arrange for the provision of water to their properties.

As a result of the prolonged recent dry weather Highland Council’s, Environmental Health Team is receiving a few calls from individuals on private water supplies that are drying up.

The Highland Council is not required to provide water in these situations.

Responsibility for private water supplies rests with the owner or landlord.

Environmental Health will offer advice and possible grants to bring medium to long term improvements in the private supply including improving quantity of supply or storage.

Environmental Health can request Scottish Water to assist but full costs will be recovered from the owner or landlord. These costs are significant and it is usually cheaper for individuals to buy water from supermarkets or arrange bowsers through a private company.

Our Environmental Health Officers have been in discussion with Scottish Water and DWQR (Drinking Water Quality Regulator) on the current situation and will continue to monitor it.

Given the prolonged dry weather, all users of water are advised to use water wisely.

This includes using a shower instead of a bath, use full loads in washing machines/dishwashers, use a watering can in the garden instead of a hose, and if you must wash your car use a bucket instead of a hose.

Further advice on water efficiency is available on the Scottish Water website at:



10 Jul 2018
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