Partnership working secures accommodation at East Caithness Community Campus for competitors in the first ever Mey Games Adaptive Games

This year, the Royal British Legion Scotland (RBLS) Mey Highland & Cultural Games is hosting its first ever Adaptive Highland Games, with veteran athletes travelling to Caithness to compete from Australia, the United States, France and all parts of the UK. The RBLS also believes this occasion to be a first for Veteran Adpative sports in the UK, having never previously competed in a Highland Games.

Following a concerted effort by the RBLS, Tannach & District Community Council, Highland Council, Wick High School and High Life Highland, permission has now been granted for the visiting athletes to use facilities at the new East Caithness Community Campus during their stay in Caithness.

Ward 3 councillors, who helped to secure the facilities for the Mey Games, stated: "This was a very unusual request which introduced quite a logistical challenge for all the organisations involved with running the Campus, but everyone felt it is such a special occasion it would be wrong not to rise to the challenge. We would like to sincerely thank High Life Highland in particular for what has been an outstanding demonstration of community spirit, and congratulate the RBLS on their tireless efforts in organising what we are sure will be a very successful Mey Games."

Captain Richard Otley, Chairman of the RBLS Wick, Canisbay and Latheron branch commented: "Two years ago our committee began a process to change and reinvigorate the Mey Games, Scotland’s only veteran organised games. We wanted to find a sustainable framework to support our Caithness veterans and maintain our core RBLS trinity of values ‘Remembrance, Welfare and Fellowship. The result is this year’s RBLS Mey Highland and Cultural Games, including the first ever Adaptive Highland Games. For this we received outstanding support from Invictus Games, Help for Heroes and the Returned Services League of Australia. The eyes of the world will truly be upon Caithness on Saturday 4 August."

  • For further information including event programme and guests please email Captain Richard Otley at


31 Jul 2018
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