New brand proposed for Inverness old town shopping

The Highland Council is meeting with stakeholders to discuss the rebranding and renaming of the Inverness Common Good Fund owned Victorian Market.

Consultant, Tristram Woolston Design has been engaged to look at the long term branding of the Victorian Market and has identified a rationale for renaming the facility. The final long term solution to the branding and graphic identity has yet to be confirmed.

Inverness Councillors and other stakeholders were recently updated on the rebranding review and a new name “Old Town Arcade Inverness” has been proposed.

Market Manager, Jo Murray explained: “The consultant has identified problems with the existing name, in that the building and its environment doesn’t strongly present Victorian qualities and it’s not a ‘market’ as such, but has permanent enclosed retail units rather than changeable stalls.

“The vision for this historic building after refurbishment is to provide a high quality destination with a mix of unique Highland brands and products, a place to eat and drink, and a venue for events and entertainment.

“Other similar destinations in the UK and abroad call themselves ‘Arcades’ and hence the proposed new name is ‘Old Town Arcade Inverness’.”

Stakeholders will be meeting again to further discuss proposals for the rebranding, renaming and new image for the facility in September following which final recommendations will be presented to the Inverness Common Good Fund Sub Committee / City of Inverness Area Committee at a future date for Councillors consideration.

27 Aug 2018