Positive progress on strategic review of public conveniences

Progress on the Council’s review of its public conveniences has been welcomed by the Council’s Administration. 

Councillor Allan Henderson, Chair of the Council’s Environment Development and Infrastructure Committee said: “It’s important that we put the review into context and acknowledge that Highland Council is the largest provider of public conveniences in the UK.  

He added: “Once the review is complete we will be able to confirm that there is a sustainable network of toilets across the authority area. We will continue to identify further opportunities for public facilities with partners and are optimistic about making positive changes for the future. We are also directly in discussion with The North Highland Initiative (NHI), creators of the NC500, to look at how Highland Council works with partners to create a network of toilets across the route.

“An extremely helpful outcome of the review has been to map all the facilities provided and this will highlight a wide range of accessible facilities for locals and visitors alike.” 

A programme of engagement with Elected Members and communities has taken place over the summer. Officers from the Council’s Amenity Services have attended Ward Business Meetings, Community Councils, and numerous public meetings with community representatives. As a result of this engagement, a review of the original savings proposals has been undertaken and there will be further talks. 

Early indicators are showing opportunities for further partnership working to deliver strategic hub facilities. These hubs could support tourism including the increasing demands required by campervans across the Highlands and reduce the impact of increasing visitor numbers on smaller local facilities. Hubs may include toilets, campervan overnight parking with waste disposal facilities and electric car charging points. 

5 Sep 2018
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