‘Outstanding’ provision of Scottish Welfare Fund in Highland

People on low incomes in The Highland Council area applying for Crisis Grants and Community Care Grants through the Scottish Welfare Fund are receiving an outstanding level of service from the Council’s Revenues and Customer Services Team.

Members of the Council’s Audit and Scrutiny Committee commended Council staff who have delivered 100% performance for processing Scottish Welfare Fund applications within the statutory time frame.

Committee Chair, Cllr Graham MacKenzie: “We welcome the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman’s Annual Report on the Scottish Welfare Fund for 2017/18 and commend the Council’s team who have delivered an outstanding level of service to people who are most vulnerable in our communities.

“While the Scottish Welfare Fund aims to provide a safety net for people on low incomes who find themselves in need of crisis support or care – it is the Council’s staff who are swiftly enabling the provision of grants that they urgently need.”

The Scottish Welfare Fund Scheme is made up of 2 types of Grants. Crisis Grants are provided where an individual is facing a disaster or emergency situation, and where there is an immediate threat to the health or safety of that individual or their family. Community Care Grants are provided where a qualifying individual needs help to establish or maintain a settled home and for those facing exceptional pressure.

Cllr MacKenzie added: “I would also like to commend Highland Council Officers within the Revenues and Customer Services team who are proactively helping shape Scottish Welfare Fund policy in Scotland. Highland is leading by example - such as with the introduction of a Freephone application number since the Scottish Welfare Fund started in 2013 – while the majority (90%) of other local authorities do not have a Freephone number.”

For further information on benefits through the Scottish Welfare Fund visit the Council’s website at:


or call the Freephone number on 0800 083 1887


20 Sep 2018
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