Your Cash Your Caithness

flagCaithness Members of The Highland Council have set aside £10,000.00 from their Ward Discretionary Budgets to let the local community once again decide for themselves which projects are needed in their area. Whether you want to organise a dance for young people, a healthy living project, a crime prevention idea, a lunch club for older residents, a community art project, the only limit is your imagination.

To apply for up to £1,000.00 you must submit your application before 5.00pm on Sunday 2nd December 2018.  If your idea fits, the community will get to vote for the best ideas at an event to be held on Saturday 26th January 2019 in Wick.

At the event you will be required to talk about your idea to the community. Those in attendance will then vote on all the applications and a decision will be made on the day.

Chair of the Caithness Committee Councillor Matthew Reiss said “We are once again handing decision making back to the local Community and it is the first stage in returning community empowerment to the most local level. I would encourage as many individuals or groups as possible across Caithness to take part in this initiative to get the funding they are looking for. This will be the fifth Your Cash Your Caithness event held in the county with the first being held in November 2015 and I have no doubt that this one will be every bit successful as the previous four.

Application forms can be accessed online from the Highland Council web site at

 or by contacting  or  at Caithness Voluntary Group, telephone 01955 609960, who will also be able to provide information and assistance with the application process.

22 Oct 2018