New strategy aims to revitalise Inverness city centre ‘wayfinding’

A strategy for the future development of signs, maps and other devices that communicate information about location and directions to visitors and residents in Inverness city centre has been agreed by The Highland Council’s City of Inverness and Area Committee.

The “activeinverness: Wayfinding Strategy for Inverness city centre” will be adopted by the Council as a Non-Statutory Planning Advice Note and sets out a way forward to improve the information available about destinations and attractions in the city centre.

Provost and Leader of Inverness and Area welcomed the completion of the Wayfinding Strategy, she said: “Making it easier to get around Inverness City Centre for visitors and locals alike; to help people find out what destinations and attractions are on offer to them and how best to get to key locations from their current position, is what this Strategy is all about. The Strategy will give the Council the direction and ability to remove unnecessary redundant signage that is confusing and it will also provide a structure within which new signage and information projects can be delivered when funding opportunities are available.”

Highland Council’s Urban Designer Una Lee explained: “The Council will be looking to deliver this strategy through capital projects such as Inverness Rail Station Improvements and the transformation of Inverness Castle into a visitor attraction; active travel grants, and developer contributions linked to city centre projects.”

She added: “A significant majority of people who gave us feedback on the draft strategy believe the new signage will be helpful to people visiting the city. Illuminated monoliths displaying ‘You-are-here’ maps, combined with fingerpost signs at key locations will make it much easier for people to understand what the city has to offer.

“In the longer term maps and signage have potential to become more interactive, making use of digital technology to publicise local events, alerts or transport information. Future touchscreen technology could make finding your way around Inverness city centre as easy and as digitally enabled as possible for all users.”

Following feedback from a number of organisations, individuals and statutory bodies on the draft strategy Councillors agreed to proposed responses to comments and the Wayfinding Strategy was approved for adoption.

Members also agreed that Council officers will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that third party funding opportunities are used to manufacture and install the new hardware.

27 Nov 2018
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