Provisional date set for Caol & Lochyside Flood Protection Scheme hearing

A provisional date for the Caol and Lochyside Flood Protection Scheme hearing has been set.  

The proposed scheme forms part of the Council’s Local Flood Risk Management Plan and is one of a number of schemes in Highland which the council plans to implement within the next 6 years.

At the August meeting of The Highland Council’s Environment, Development and Infrastructure committee members made a preliminary decision to confirm the flood scheme without modification. 

This preliminary decision was made following an objection to the scheme, received during the notice period. The decision therefore was referred to the Scottish Government for consideration. 

In September Scottish Ministers advised the Council that they did not wish to call in the scheme for further consideration. However they advised that an independent reporter should be appointed by The Highland Council to hold a hearing on the proposed scheme.

A provisional date for the hearing has now been set for the 28th of February 2019. Full details of the hearing will be published in the local media at least four weeks before the hearing date.

Details on the proposals and the community consultation that has taken place to date are available on the Highland Council’s website -




4 Dec 2018
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