Merkinch Primary re-opens

The Highland Council can confirm that Merkinch Primary will open as normal on Friday 10 January.

The Council would like to thank pupils, staff, parents, local residents, the emergency services and utility providers for their assistance while precautionary measures were taken following a suspected gas leak this morning at the school.

Following inspection it was confirmed that no gas leak has been detected and it was declared safe to re-open the school.

As the school evacuated this morning to a local church the decision was taken at that time – based on the available information - to ask parents and carers to collect their children as it was not known at that time when it might be possible to return to the school. Staff have now returned to the school and all pupils have gone home.

The Council apologises for any inconvenience this incident may have caused however pupil and staff safety is paramount and all relevant emergency procedures were followed accordingly.

10 Jan 2019
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