Statement SNAP

In 2018, The Highland Council agreed a review of all third sector funding contracts moving forward. This is to ensure that in a time of reducing public sector resource, any funding for third sector services should be allocated within Service Level Agreements, to meet identified needs, with measurable outcomes and providing best value for public money.

The Council is currently developing proposals for bridging a £31M budget gap next year in addition to addressing an in-year overspend situation. In the light of this situation, grant funding will continue to be less available and it is more important than ever to allocate this properly and fairly across Highland, in line with need and with appropriate levels of scrutiny and governance.

Discussions have been held recently between SNAP and officers and Chief Executive Donna Manson met with SNAP Directors and staff today.

She said: “With regard to SNAP, the Council recognises the very much valued support this organisation provides to families in Inverness.

“Officers are continuing dialogue with SNAP to identify other possible sources of funding for the current year to help achieve a viable position.

 “The Council has a duty to consider what services need to be provided on our behalf, to seek best value for these services and to have a process of governance over the distribution of funds with equity across the Highland area.

“We have already agreed that we will be entering into early discussions with SNAP and other third sector organisations regarding need, service requirements and formal processes to allocate funding. There will be a workshop in February with members of the third sector, including SNAP, to agree methods of funding and how we can redesign our processes.”

She added: “Our discussions have been useful and I have given a clear commitment from the Council that we will work with the third sector to help lever funding from elsewhere as we work together for the benefit of all Highland communities.”


30 Jan 2019
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