HMIe Report on Drummond School

In an HMIe report on Drummond School, Inverness, a range of strengths were identified. The school was commended for:
• The programme for pupils who were about to leave school.
• The quality of pastoral care, and relationships between staff and pupils.
• Partnerships with parents and partner agencies.
• The quality of pupils’ learning experiences in the expressive arts, home economics, and the leavers’ programmes.

In the report, the Inspectors judged that most aspects of the work of the school represented good or very good practice. They recognised that the school provided a caring environment for children with a wide range of support needs. Inspectors also commented that staff were committed to providing an effective education for pupils and that most pupils’ learning experiences were of very high quality.

The Inspectors also made a number of recommendations for the school and education authority which included extending the length of the school day appropriately.  The school was also asked to improve procedures for self-evaluation and to improve attainment in English language and communication. The further development of communication and consultation with learning assistants is also a focus for improvement.

The school accommodation and facilities were judged to be weak but Inspectors recognised that the construction of a new school building was well under way. They also acknowledged that staff ensured that the present school was attractive and well used to display pupils’ work and achievements.
Linda Schubert, Head Teacher, said: "I am very pleased with the report as I feel that it reflects the positive ethos of the school, the opportunities we provide for all children to achieve, positive teamwork and partnership with the parents and community and our commitment to improving the school. Our thanks go to the learners, parents and the wider community for their support during the inspection. My personal thanks go to a very committed team who will continue to work together to make the best provision for the young people in Drummond School. We have already begun to address the issues raised in the report with the continuing support of everyone connected with the school."

Brian Lamond, chairperson of the School Board, said: “I am really pleased with the report and that there are such positive partnerships between parents and the school.”

18 Dec 2007