Finding out how to foster and adopt made easier in Highland

Highland Council Fostering and Adoption website
Highland Council Fostering and Adoption website

For further information about fostering and adopting in Highland visit

People living in The Highland Council area can now find out how to foster and adopt in the comfort of their own homes.

A new website has been launched this week by the Council’s Fostering and Adoption Service which informs those thinking about fostering and adoption, what skills and experience is required, and the assessment process involved.

Alison Gordon, Highland Council’s Fostering and Adoption Resource Manager explained: “We have created this website to try to make it easier for anyone living in the Highlands who is considering fostering or adoption and we have tried to make the process of applying easier.

“We need homes for children of all ages from babies to 18 year olds. Families are also needed for the adoption of siblings (so they can stay together), as well as children with complex health needs. We work hard to try and keep children in their local communities and in contact with their families.

The website contains information on the different types of foster carers the council is looking for, including: temporary, long term or permanent, respite, and intensive fostering. Also included is information on suitability of potential applicants as adoptive parents, information on support provided to adopt and also adoption counselling for adults who have been adopted. A section on the website explains how to apply for adoption and what happens after approval.

The website explains about the needs of the children that require fostering or adoption and the relative fees and allowances for carers is also outlined.

Councillor Linda Munro, Chair of the Corporate Parenting Board and Vice Chair of the Council’s Care, Learning and Housing Committee said: 

“Currently there are 30 children in Highland waiting for their ‘forever family’ to arrive through the council’s Fostering and Adoption Service. There also 5 children waiting for a permanent foster family and 10 children who need a respite foster family and there is always a need for placements for children of all ages who are accommodated due to child protection concerns.  

“The Council believes that there are many people out there who think about fostering and adopting but never get round to asking about it. This website explains the processes in what is involved and how to apply.

“There is no ideal foster family or foster carer. What is important is that you have a sense of humour as well as time, energy and commitment. I urge anyone who is thinking about fostering and adopting to take the first simple step and visit the new website.”

For further information about fostering and adopting in Highland visit

11 Mar 2019
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