Gaelic Summer Activities

Young people in the Inverness Area who are either fluent or learner Gaelic speakers are being offered a programme of Gaelic Summer Activities during the holidays

Organised by The Highland Council’s Education, Culture and Sport Service, with support from Bòrd Na Gàidhlig, the activities open to young people aged from 10 years upwards.

Activities include drama, mountain biking, canoeing, computing, first shinty, story telling, trampoline, arts and crafts, culminating with a family barbecue.

The activities are designed to cater for both fluent and learner Gaelic speakers. Young people, who are fluent in Gaelic, will attend sessions conducted entirely through the medium of Gaelic, but separate group sessions will also be available for young people who are learning to speak Gaelic.

Still to come in the activities programme are Canoeing at Loch Morlich Watersports near Aviemore on Thursday 14th July from 10am – 12noon; and at Charleston Community Centre in Inverness First Shinty on Friday 15th July 10am-12noon, and Drama on Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th August 10am-12:30.

The Gaelic Activities Programme will end with a family barbecue on Friday 12th from 7-9pm at a venue yet to be confirmed.

Anyone interested in attending any of the events should contact: Dolina Grant on tel: 01463 724203 or e-mail:

28 Apr 2006