HMIE follow through inspection of Melvich Primary School

HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) published a report on the inspection of Melvich Primary School in December 2006. Action points were identified as a result of the inspection and HM Inspectors revisited the school in October 2007 to evaluate progress made against the action points and to assess the extent to which the school was continuing to improve the quality of its work.
The hard work of the head teacher and the staff was commended. Staff had made effective use of new resources to develop pupils’ skills in mental mathematics, and improve reading at the early stages. Staff had also provided pupils with valuable opportunities to become responsible citizens and considerate members of the school and wider community. Pupils had benefited from a range of helpful cultural and sporting activities undertaken as part of the Highland Year of Culture.

The head teacher met regularly with staff to offer advice, monitor the quality of the schools’ work and discuss pupils’ progress. She had effectively sought pupils’ views through the pupil council and involved pupils more in deciding how to make improvements to the school’s work.
The initial inspection report identified four main points for action.
HM Inspectors identified that positive progress had been made in improving the quality of the curriculum. The head teacher had put in place structured programmes in many curriculum areas and had provided appropriate useful written guidance.
It was confirmed that a useful start had been made to improve the support and advice provided for staff to help them improve the quality of learning, teaching and achievement for pupils.
Some progress had been made in improving how pupils’ attainment was monitored and progressed. The head teacher had established an annual timetable which set out clearly how the school would evaluate its provision.
It was further noted that the education authority had made little progress in improving the condition of facilities for outdoor play.
Head Teacher, Margaret Ferguson said: “I am very pleased with this report. It has been achieved through the dedication and active involvement of our capable staff, the enormous support of parents and the community and our well motivated and hard working pupils. They have worked together to improve learning and teaching opportunities across the school. The report highlights a number of areas which have made good progess throughout the school and includes the comittment of staff to drive forward new initiatives.

“Although there are still some aspects of the work of the school which need to be addressed, the overall outcome of the report is good, with many positive comments made. We will continue to build on these successes in the future, as well as  prioritising the areas for improvement.”
The condition of the outdoor play surface has now been addressed since the report was written. The Highland Council Education, Culture and Sport Service would wish to thank Highland Quality Construction for their support in delivering this project within a short time constraint.

19 Dec 2007