Easter Ross Community Partnership Meeting

Issued by Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

The Easter Ross Community Partnership will meet in public at the Alness Academy on Wednesday 15th May 2019 from 6pm - 8 pm.  

Alness and the feedback gathered from local people will be a key focus of the meeting.

The Partnership are very grateful to those who fed back their views via a local survey and with their help they have information about how well transport meets peoples’ needs, how safe people feel in the community as well as how closely connected people feel to decision makers in agencies like The Highland Council and Police Scotland. 

Feedback from young people in East Ross and the wider area has also highlighted concerns around mental health and the Partnership knows young people want to be involved in finding solutions too. 

The Partnership wants to tell local people a bit more about the information they have gathered and hear from them if this sounds accurate to them and look at how needed improvements might be brought about.  

The Partnership’s Chair, Ricky Dibble of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Feedback from our communities is vital to the success of the Partnership’s work. It helps us to identify specific areas of work and improvements which the community tells us are needed. The challenge now is for us work jointly with the community to help bring about improvements that are needed.  So please, do come along to join the discussion and help shape the future." 

8 May 2019
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